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April 19, 2014

Year 8 Science


Year 8

Science is a core subject which is taught as a spiral curriculum designed to provide a full and balanced coverage of the knowledge, skills and processes required by the National Curriculum. Each key stage programme of study comprises:

Scientific Skills:-

• Communication in Science: Pupils are taught how to present and handle scientific

• Scientific Enquiry: Pupils are taught about the links between ideas and
 formation in Science, including Planning, Developing
 ideas and Reflection

• Investigative Skills:  Pupils are taught how to plan an investigation, obtain,
analyse and evaluate information.

All the above knowledge, understanding and skills are taught within:

 Interdependence of Organisms

 The Sustainable Earth

 How Things Work

These are taught on a modular basis, with lessons based upon ‘Hodder Science’ and ‘Spotlight Science’ textbooks.  Modules are based upon the QCA exemplar Schemes of Work.

 The modules taught in Year 8, with approximate teaching times are:

YEAR   UNIT NO     UNIT TITLE                                                  APPROXIMATE TEACHING TIME (HOURS)
8           8A              Food and digestion                                                                    8
8           8B              Respiration                                                                                  9
8           8C             Microbes and disease                                                                8
8           8D             Ecological relationships                                                            9
8           8E              Atoms and elements                                                                   7.5
8           8F              Compounds, mixtures and chemical Reactions                    14
8           8G             Rocks and weathering                                                                8
8           8I               Energy Resources                                                                       8
8           8J               Electromagnets                                                                            7
8           8K              Light                                                                                               7.5
8           8L              Sound and hearing                                                                      8.5
Pupil progress is continually monitored and assessed by homework, laboratory tasks and end of module tests.  A final examination is sat at the end of the year.

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